I am Anh. I am from Vietnam and I always wanted to be a successful businesswoman but for 10 years I felt like something was missing, I didn’t feel whole. Then I came across Yoga. I discovered yoga when I didn’t know what I wanted in this life; when I felt connected to nothing in the world, I was suffering from depression. Yoga helped me re-organise my mind and focus my life. Yoga, meditation and practicing Asanas have helped me become physically and mentally stronger, I have learnt to accept myself, relax more and enjoy the moments I live in.

I want to use this website to share my own experiences with yoga as well as those of experts I respect. I also want to share other things I love with people such as Mindwork, Travel in Vietnam (maybe other countries later) and Charity.

In a previous life I was a tour guide around Vietnam, I have also driven the length of the country which made me fall in love with this country even more. I am always very excited to introduce my country to other people and want to use my experiences to help fellow travellers. 

I am very passionate about helping other people and want to use this site to link charities in Vietnam to people who want to volunteer or donate. I also want to develop my own charity organisation which will help teenagers in the rural areas develop soft skills, English and mind work. I hope this will develop their confidence and allow them to be more confident. I feel that knowledge is equally as important as money and we should assist people in making changes themselves. “Change your mind, change your life”

I want to thank my dear friend Michael who was very supportive through the difficult times in my life. I also want to thank my inspiring instructor Mai, she is an amazing teacher who guides her classes like a spiritual artist. Finally I want to take time to recognise the other incredible instructors I meet on my yoga road.

As a yoga instructor, yoga practitioner or travel lover, I hope you venture with me, step outside your safe zone and explore the world and explore your inner self. 

Thank you for being here and reading this. I hope you find enjoyment here. If you have any questions or want to give me advice, please feel free to email me! Don’t think much, just email me at anhngoxo@gmail.com